• Plaid & Poutine - A Lumberjack Soiree

    As Canadians we feel like we must apologize. Usually we apologize for being just so darn awesome all.the.time. But we do have to apologize that we were unable to find real Canadian cheese curds to make Canada’s most famous dish: Poutine. We are sorry. We searched high and low and across Europe. We sent e-mails and letters, and to the people we wrote, we are sorry for bothering you. But we promise that this variation of poutine… Poutine Viennoise… will fulfill all your gravy and cheese and fry needs. Again, we are sorry. 

    But we are NOT sorry for inviting you to our The House of Canada event at the wonderful Beaver Brewing Company on Thursday, April 28th! Wear your plaid proudly, pronounce your “abouts” and “house” with pride and partake in an amazing evening of comfort food, Canadian music and films and good old Canadiana spirit. Cheers, eh!

    P.S. Canadian hockey jerseys are also acceptable. CANADIAN hockey jerseys. (sorry)

    Text by: Tova Marr - operationtubetop.blogspot.co.at

    Graphic Design: alldsgn.com

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