• Ontario

    It’s back to school time, so let’s learn about Canada! Over the next few months, watch for a feature on each of Canada’s ten unique provinces and three territories. Let’s start with Ontario, the home base of The House of Canada’s Drip Maple Syrup: Ontario is Canada’s second largest province - it’s bigger than France and Spain combined! It would take 24 hours of driving to get across this huge prov ince. Ontario’s population is approximately 13.6 million, 2.8 million of which live in Ontario’s capital city, Toronto. Ontario has more than 250,000 lakes and is home to the city of Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada.

    The House of Canada’s Drip maple syrup comes from Northeastern Ontario where, in the spring, the cold nights and warm days create the perfect conditions to make sweet maple syrup.
  • THOC Webshop Launch

    We are very excited to get this project going and to finally go online with unique products made in Canada.
    As a Canadian living abroad for the past 20+ years, I always felt there was not enough Canadian presence overseas.
    For this reason I decided to promote Canada, Canadian products and Canadian culture right here in the heart of Europe.
    Not only do we sell product from Canada, we also organize events such as:

    • culinary gatherings to try delicious delicacies from Canada
    • canoe outings to try out THOC canoe paddles
    • book readings to keep updated on Canadian literature
    • concerts of up and coming Canadian bands

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    Looking forward to meeting you at our next THOC social club event!


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