• The Canadians of Vienna - Naomi

    This is a series of short interviews and stories of fellow Canucks, a glimpse
    into the lives of Canadians in Vienna.

    My first trip to Vienna was in 2003. It was a surprise from my boyfriend who drove from Frankfurt to Vienna to explore the city for a few days. The grandiose impression of the small golden city that was the seat of an empire stayed with me as I was searching for a Master's program in sustainable architecture a few years later. I found a program at the TUWien that taught in English and moved to Vienna in 2007.
    I enjoy how the city is planned and how it constantly evolves. Vienna is a dynamic and compact city that has an immense cultural history and scene. There are both seasonal events and new ones are constantly being added, so there is always something to do. There is also a quickly evolving gastronomical scene with new restaurants and cafés to discover.
    The city is planned on a pedestrian-basis making it easy to do daily errands on foot like going to the post, supermarket, bank, etc., which is something I use to dream about at home; I always wanted to be able to walk to different places, but Toronto has a larger scale, and it is often impractical to walk from place to place.
    I like how the districts have distinct characters and discovering new details.
    I miss the open acceptance of different people in Canada. Diversity is positive and we accept each other for our personal characters. Cultural background is secondary.

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