• The Canadians of Vienna - Paul

    This is a series of short interviews and stories of fellow Canucks, a glimpse
    into the lives of Canadians in Vienna.

    I was born and raised on the south shore of Montreal where street hockey was a common sight. Go Habs Go...My dad is from Austria and grew up in Vienna and my Mom is from a small village in rural Québec. After spending a summer working at Expo 2000 in Hanover and the following year traveling around Australia and New Zealand for 4 months, I decided to make use of my double citizenship and move to Vienna in 2003. My passion for traveling continued to grow as I worked for the Formula 1 Racing Paddock Club.
    I studied various subjects at University in Vienna, from Political Science to Agriculture and Environment, but never really found my niche. What was becoming clear though, is that Vienna was increasingly becoming the city I would call home. The historical background, architecture, culture and lifestyle of the city are what have kept me here. I also really like the more "enjoy life" motto which my friends have. Spontaneously meeting up for a beer, or going for dinner to one of Vienna's many delicious "Gasthäuser". The expansion of Vienna's bike paths, as well as the many green spaces which the city has, make it easy for me to use my bike 365 days a year!
    I'm a big hockey fan, and really miss playing pick up hockey with friends on Saturdays on those rinks which they set up during the winter around the city in Montreal.

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