• The Canadians of Vienna - Patti

    This is a series of short interviews and stories of fellow Canucks, a glimpse
    into the lives of Canadians in Vienna.


    I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. In 1999, I decided to study abroad for a semester in Lund, Sweden. It was there where I met my husband.
    Before I left to back home we exchanged emails and telephone numbers but it wasn't until I flew to Vienna in 2001 to visit him that we became a couple. After a long distance relationship we got married and then I moved to Vienna for what was supposed to be for 2 years.
    Now, 12 years later, I am a mom of three girls and have my own business (Quirky Seams - www.quirkyseams.com) sewing children accessories and call Vienna home.
    At the beginning it was difficult trying to adjust to the way of life, to learn the language and to understand the Viennese.
    There is a lot of things that I love about Vienna: the architecture, the parks and playgrounds across the city, Donaupark and the bike paths along the Danube (which reminds me of parts of Ottawa).
    I've met some really wonderful friends and other Canadians through the Austrian Canadian Society (www.austria-canada.com) over the past 12 years that have helped me feel more at home.
    I miss my family and friends, especially during holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also miss how friendly Canadians are, who say sorry even though it's not their fault and who wait patiently in line-ups without budding ahead.
    Let's not forget the beautiful fall colours and the snow.

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